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01.What is Boost33?
We advise our clients in the definition of strategies allowing them to finance themselves with private and public investors. Our actions are not limited to transactional aspects. We intervene upstream in the execution process in order to build a financial strategie based on objectives achieved within our preparation.
02.Can you guarantee a result?
Our model is aligned with your objectives and interests of our customers, it is a win-win approach of remuneration to the result which does not weaken the pride of our customers in search of financing and guarantees a total cooperation of our success oriented parties.
03.Can I import and export data into Boost33 suite?
You can import and export the following lists to and from MS Excel or CSV file: Customers Suppliers Products and services Chart of accounts Plus you can export reports to MS Excel.
04.What is your pricing policy?
Our prices vary according to the packages we offer but above all according to the needs expressed in order to respect the budget constraints imposed by our customers. Our SaaS model with a platform and expertise provided by our consultants. We have several offers that adapt to your needs, and the necessary use of our expertise and our patented technology.
05.Is it possible to connect Boost33 to my bank?
Boost33 is compatible with more than 300 international banks. Contact us for a detailed list of our banking integrations
06.What are the advantages of your solution?
The time saved which will allow you to focus on the development of your company during the preparation and planning phases. The cost which is indexed to the objectives achieved by our team.
07.Can we pay in installments?
Yes, we have several subscription methods in order to settle a solution fit for your needs
08.Can I pay the subscription annually?
No, subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis for the year or monthly.
09.if my funding is not successful?
If we do not obtain funding or improvement results during the target period, we extend your subscription period at no additional cost.
10.How do I cancel Boost33 if I decide it isn't right for me?
It's really easy to cancel within your software with a few clicks of your mouse.

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